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Thanks for having at this festival and enjoyed my time here. Our entire stay here from the welcoming party of the Konark festival to the visit of the Konark temple was uplifting, inspiring and deeply appreciated. Being a part of the 27th Konark Music & Dance Festival long may it florish.

Ustad Zakir Hussain/Antonnia - World famous Tabla Player

21st February 2012

This was a terrific experience. Thank you for enriching our trip to Orissa. This was a highlight of our journey.

Shawn Johnson & Group - Abercrombia & Kent

9th September 2011

Excellent, it’s amazing and beyond of imagination. We think in future it will be a beautiful land of culture for the nation.

Swami Chidanandaji Maharaj - New delhi

21st August 2010

Guruji has created an Institution which is felt to be believed. I am honoured to have been associated with him and his Institution.

Prof. G.C. mitra -IIT Kharagpur

21st March 2010

We have seen the performance of sweet little girls of this Gurukul and mesmerised how much little girl have performed so brilliantly. God bless these children. With very very success of this institution.

Sukhendu & Sahana Roy - West Bengal

5th December 2011

Thank you so much for taking us around this place. It is a soul honour and privilege to meet Guruji and receive his blessings.

Navia Natarajan - Bangalore

24th September 2010

Thank you so much for taking us around the gurukul and for this wonderful experience. It was nice interacting with coming here again in future.

Vijna Vasudevan - Chennai

24th September 2010

Very peaceful place, very inspiring for any dancer. Very Ideal place for dance training. It is really a dance temple.

Rujuta Soman - Pune, Maharashtra

24th September 2010

Thank you so much for your kind hospitality and sweet reception. Your Ashram is so beautiful, both in place and people. I loved meeting the students and look forward to sharing a few pictures I took.

Alli Novok - California, USA

4th September 2010

Many thanks for your generous hospitality, for an evening of memorable music & dance, and for the opportunity to witness the unique Gotipua dance which you are so committed to maintaining as part of Oriyan culture and the world’s dance. I hope we can stay in touch.

Dr. Sally Gardner - Melbourne, Australia

25th August 2010

This has honestly been an experience of a lifetime and I hope to come back one day. Thank you so much.

Jaime Lyn Stafford - Ahmed Nagar

5th August 2010

It is a great pleasure to visit Konark Natya Mandap. I was very much pleased & happy to meet the teacher and students. Institute very great success and future.

V.G. Sose - USA

26th July 2010

An ambassador of oriya culture Guru Gangadhar Pradhan’s endeavour for promotion of odissi dance in the whole world is praise worthy. The facilitations of the institution is extraordinary.

Sushant Kumar Acharya, Dy. Director Seviculture

14th June 2010

It was a wonderful experience. The endeavour of Guru Gangadhar Pradhan is laudable. His contribution towards presentation & promotion of Oriya culture through Odissi dance is worth tons of appreciation. I wish him all the best.

Aparajita Sarangi - Edu. Secretary (Govt. Of Odisha)

14th June 2010

I keep coming here again & again for the past nine years. And yet I feel the same exciment of being at KNM again and again.

Shyamhari (Journalist) - Bhubaneswar

1st January 2010

God bless these lovely souls in continuity and blossom the cultural, traditions through them and inspire them to care a legacy as rich.

Harsh & Namrata Jajoo - Maharashtra

28th December 2009

I pray and wish that your efforts be always successful and Konark Natya Mandap my grow to be a historical Gurukul for all Odissi dances.

Ranjana Gouhar - New Delhi

3rd December 2009

Thank you so much for share so much beauty. I have big attachment with all you. I leave here a big part of my heart. I hope Srimati Radhika bless me again and in that way come back very soon.

Anandini Dasi - Argentina

28th October 2009

What a beautiful conception, the discipline of the dancer says whoever about Guru Gangadhar Pradhan, his teaching and his devotion.

Dr. Indira Rajaraman - New Delhi

15th October 2009

The school dreams to be doing on amazing job developing the traditional and classical dance from Orissa. The performance were amazing. Congratulation......

Natalia Salgado(Laxmi) - Barcelona, Spain

5th October 2009

I don’t have to describe how I felt here at Natya Mandap. I felt in love with all of you and I will never forget you. Thank you for all your kindness, thank you for treatingus so well and helping us in good and bad movements. Hoping to see you soon... with all my heart.

Uera Golamba - Portugal

5th March 2009

I don’t have to describe how I felt here at Natya Mandap. I felt in love with all of you and I will never forget you. Thank you for all your kindness, thank you for treatingus so well and helping us in good and bad movements. Hoping to see you soon... with all my heart.

Anshuman Mishra - Bhubaneswar

5th March 2009

So interesting so wonderful programme. I could not imagine that before. All the best to all.

Mohammad Mansour - Yemen

2nd January 2009

Thanks for sharing your incedifable art performance and some of the best stances. Thanks for your cooperation. Regards always.

Maneet Kaur - West Bengal

8th December 2008

It was a great experience. I am overwhelmed to the efforts of Guruji and presence and promote the cultural uniqueness of the region. It will store in my memory for ever. I shall look for opportunity to visit again.

Dr. S. K. Chakravarty - Noida

23rd November 2008

Excellent, Spectacular, a very important part of our culture and tradition. Became beautiful experience.

Institute for social Democracy - INDIA

25th September 2008

I am very happy today, because I got to dance in KONARK NATYA MANDAP, and because I got to get the blessing of Guru Gangadhar Pradhan.

Ananya Kar - USA

17th August 2008

A beautiful Ashram. It was a pleasure meetings Guruji and talking to him. Learnt so much. Thanks for the experience.

Shreelina Ghosh - USA

23rd July 2008

A well planned network of stage, accommodation and tuition to encourage and continue the rich dancing heritage of India. A real pleasure to visit.

Michael Symons - Australia

9th July 2008

It is an amazing days, to see our rich traditions and heritage here. The replica of the Sun temple is outstanding where the auditorium is. The dances done by the children were a class a park. Guruji should have got the Padmashree Award much earlier. I salute him.

Yuvaraj Shivendra Narayan Bhanja Deo, Mrinalini Bhanja Deo - Bhubaneswar

20th June 2008

We are profoundly impressed by the dance. It’s religious symbolism, the sculpture that is embedded in the dance. The eye, hands, legs and body gesture. Thank you for the opportunity to share is with you.

Zimra Peled & Elad Peled -Jerusalam, Israel

4th March 2008

My sudden visit is like my fate ordained to my fortune to bless the young traditional Gotipua artists. I wish them good for future day to come. I do not have words to explain my pleasure. I enjoyed during one hour short stay here.

Sanatan Bisi -Health Minister-2008, Odisha

30th February 2008

This was a truly extraordinary and moving experience for us. Thank you very much.

Staff & students of Rishi Valley School - Andhra Pradesh

23rd January 2008

May you fully realise your vision in your artistic endeavour.

Ramli Ibrahim - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

6th January 2007

I was touched by the Gotipua performance so much tears almost came to my eye. These are the people who make our culture flourish to its highest level. I wish you the very best in your endeavour.

Sashi Satpathy - Columbia, USA

4th January 2008

I am amazed to see such a wonderful performance, just when we came to Konark. My son told me of Mr. Pradhan. Now seeing his Gurukul here I feel our visit to Puri has really become worth.

Dr. Piyush Dutta - Florida, USA

19th November 2007

Thank you for a fabulous visit and a deep introduction to the beautiful dance, music and singing of Orissa. Both in Bhubaneswar and in Konark I was greeted wonder and shown the many give traditions. Thank you.

Laura Callanan - New York, USA

11th November 2007

I thoroughly enjoyed the wonderful and special recital and hope Guru Gangadhar Pradhanji will realise “ALL HIS DREAM?for this school. All the best....

Dr. Jyotsna Jagannathan - Chennai

13th October 2007

Excellent performance by small children. May God bring all good luck for them. The Gurukul is very peaceful and an excellent place for encouraging and boosting the cultural heritage of Orissa.

P.K. Srivastava & Family, - Bhilai, Chhatishgarh

4th October 2007

Its a nice place, this is cause by Guru Gangadhar Pradhan. He inspire the people to lead a divine life. He loved the foundation, Art, religion and culture here at ?Arka Vihar ?Konark. We must cooperate him.

Tapas Kumar, - Jamsedpur

30th August 2007

Excellent. I can’t forget this evening. Nice presentation by the child artist and the boy Binayak is excellent.

Sarmistha Roy, - Journalist, Kolkata

30th August 2008

Accidentally today came to Konark for my official purposes and through the daily news paper ‘Dharitri?came to know about ?Jhulana Utsav ?at Guru Gangadhar Pradhan’s dance academy. By searching came to the place and enjoy the festival as a guest of honour which gives extra pleasure to me. The Pandal looks like mini Kerala Kalamandalam of Trissur District. It is an accidental opportunity to watch the different culture programme with a great audience. It is typical Oriyan style and costoms. Thanks to all the organisers in the absence of Guru Gangadhar Pradhan, they make it all success.

Dr. Rajib Sadangi, Deputy Director of Education - Calicut, Keral

24th August 2007

I got a chance to visit the Konark Natya Mandap on the occasion of Jhulana Jatra on 24.08.2007. I became very glad by the worship of the God by the students. The atmosphere of the place is Godly one. Everyone feel happy and emotional by the atmosphere of the place and it is saintly place. I wish success of the artist that Govt. May help for the development of the institution.

Bholanath Rout - Konark, Puri

24th August 2007

Natya Mandir is very nice. Gotipua dance also very nice and attractive, very laborious dance.

J.B. Sharma - Vijayanagar, Indore

11th August 2007

Total difference dance of all over the world.

Dalia Datta, Purabi Datta - Ranchi, Jharkhand

22nd April 2007

Very good arrangement and organisation and we pray to the Almighty that this culture awareness increases tenfold.

Vikram Audich - Mumbai

22nd April 2007

Immensely glad to know that Guru Gangadhar Pradhan is going to materialise the last glory of Sun Temple Konark through Dance and music on this area.

Sarat Chandra - Nimapara Rajabati, Nimapara, Puri

20th February 2007

An excellent programme to promote Art and Culture of Odisha.

Shubhranshu Benerjee - Balasore

20th February 2007

It is indeed is a dream come true for Guru Gangadhar Pradhan. ?Konark Kanti’s?choreography is outstanding. The festival broke a feelings of ?sight for the God ? I wish the festival a great success.

Padmashree Dr. Sunil Kothari - New Delhi

20th February 2007

Deeply impressed by the beautiful dancing and the sprit behind.

Hasharon, - Israel.

4th February 2007

It is marvellous, great and wonderful. Thanks a lot.

Brizi Family - Pundichary.

30th October 2006

Thank you very much for showing your best. We wish your Art should spared all over world.

Manoj D Katira - Bangalore.

9th April 2007

Had the pleasure of witnessing an enchanting evening of dance and music.

Shiva Kumar Muthiah - Bangalore.

20th February 2007

Beautiful place, imazing people, very good Gotipua student. Thank you for show me gotipua training. I wish you all the best with best wishes from student.

Karolina Sewed - Poland.

22nd January 2007

We have the great priviledge to visit both the sites at Dhauli and Konark with Guru Gangadhar Pradhan. Both these projects of Guruji and his vision are really great. These are the most beautiful projects in the direction of Art & Culture of ORISSA. We are full heartedly with Guruji for the realisation of his dreams.

Satyakam Karim - France.

28th December 2006

KONARK NATYA MANDAP founded by Guru Gangadhar Pradhan is an institution to preserve, protect and propagate cultural heritage and art of ancient Utkal in and outside India. As a Oriya man I really greatful to Guru and wish this institution all success and prosperous.

Manamohana Senapati - Puri.

24th August 2007

Wonderful experience. We got the unique opportunity to watch live demonstration of “GOTIPUA?dance.

D.K. Mishra, Dr. Gitanjali Mishra. - Mysore.

23rd December 2006

I thank Guru Gangadhar Pradhan for this wonderful work. He has done for the development of our Indian art and culture. I would also thank him for preserving our cultural heritage of India. The children showed great spirit and talent. I than my friend Subodh Kumar Ray and family for bringing me to this wonderful place and opening my eyes to the hidden Art and Culture of over mystic & divine spirit of India and Universe.

M.C. Raajjan. - Singapore.

25th October 2006

An unique and divine experience set into reality by Guru Shri Gangadhar Pradhan. Specially I Chaitali personally felt relieved to see the art of Gotipua to be performed so lively at this institute. May God bless all those who performed and who are learning to perform. This extraordinary art should be performed by every dance lover at least once in a lifetime. I would personally like to visit this place once again may be again and again. I will try to help in every way I could to make this art live forever.

Chaitali, Debashis, Devishree. - Bhubaneswar.

20th August 2006

An excellent venue by Guru Gangadhar Pradhan at Konark, Puri. It is very important, very interesting and should be performed by everybody for physical, mental and spiritual development. Myself highly impressed by this activities/programme.

Abhoy, Anjana, Piyali Sircar. - Kolkata.

20th August 2006

The show was very excellent. The boys must be given simultaneously. School education also so that they can good dancers at the national level.

Debashis Mohapatra Bhubaneswar

15th April 2007